About us

As a doctor, your patients are your number one priority and they always deserve the best care.
But even the best and most dedicated doctor can't remember every detail, of every disease in every single patient.
And that's why we created "dioscope": a medical chatbot made by doctors, that can guide you while on call.
"What should I ask a patient with abdominal pain? What are the warning signs of a headache? And how should I treat this urinary tract infection?"
Memorizing clinical pathways, treatment guidelines or drug interactions is a thing from the past.
At "dioscope" you just need to ask, and we will provide you with the best medical information in just a few seconds.
Welcome to the future of medicine. Start using “dioscope” right now!

Wellpartners is a company where doctors and nurses are united under a single mission: improve patient care.
In 2018, we developed the project perguntasdaespecialidade.pt, a digital medical knowledge platform that uses videos and clinical cases to improve medical education.
We were awarded as the best Portuguese Learning & Education project 2020 by APDC and we were the first portuguese company to win the WSA - European Young Innovators Awards.
Now, with dioscope.com, we are taking the next step: we want to revolutionize medical care by creating an “open access” clinical decision support system that allows doctors to improve their diagnostic and treatment abilities.

We are extremely proud of our team! Outstanding doctors, university professors and nurses, brilliant alumni.
At Wellpartners we have the brightest and the most committed team members. See for yourself and get to know our team!